10th March 2016

Open University

Open University recognises the value of professional IT Certification and has been working with the Linux Professional Institute (LPI) since 2010.

The Open University has a long tradition of offering vendor Certification within its undergraduate and postgraduate study programmes.  The partnership with LPI enables Open University to provide Linux training and Certification opportunities for students across the UK, Europe and wider world, increasing its reach into an essentially skills-orientated space.  Historically over 2,500 students have completed this academic programme offering them credit towards their Honours degree.

For Andrew Smith, Open University’s Senior Lecturer in Networking, the benefits of partnering with LPI are clear.  Linux is the operating system that underpins a vast range of industry sectors across the UK, Europe and wider world – yet there is a major global shortage of Linux-skilled IT professionals which threatens growth and innovation.

Employers want IT staff with high-level knowledge and skills, and a CV that shows a candidate has undertaken LPI training and Certification is recognisable proof of those skills.  LPI Certification is at-a-glance evidence that an employee or candidate has a set of core skills.

Shrewd IT professionals understand that Linux skills are in high demand by employers.  Candidates with high-quality LPI training and Certification can be sure they are making a major investment in their employability.  That means being able to command higher salaries and better progression and promotion opportunities.

Open University is so convinced of the value of adding LPI training and Certification to academic programmes that it is advising other Higher Education Institutions on implementation of similar partnerships.