17th October 2015

LPI Videos

LPIC Beta Exams at UKFast

An important part of the LPI exam development is running beta exams. These are exams delivered to a limited number of candidates. Not only are the candidates being tested, but so are the exams. LPI is uses the exam betas to evaluate if the exam is too hard or to easy; if the question is written in language that is clear; that any potential mistakes are corrected before the exam goes publicly live and what the candidates thought of the exam questions.

Why A Career In Linux

This American video is based on studies of the job market and gives you some reasons as to why you should consider a career in Linux. Whilst it is an American video, the similarities between the UK / Ireland Linux job market and America are very similar – in particular the lack of Linux Certified people who are available for employment.

The UKFast relationship with LPI

This short video explains the value of LPI Certification to UKFast and their employees. UKFast have a comprehensive training program from school leavers joining as Aprentices to employees with many years of experiance of Linux. All these requierments needed to be met by a Linux Certification program which is why UKFast choose LPI.

Why Certify With LPI

This short video explains why LPI is the leading vendor independent Linux Certification. LPI is a multi-level Linux Certification track evaluates you on a broad range of skills and depth of knowledge so that you can show you are a true Linux Pro.Get Certified today with LPI and accelerate your Linux career.