17th October 2015

LPI Partners

LPI Partners are offered in two forms depending on the type of organisation. For further information on becoming a LPI Partner or why you should use a LPI Partner, please contact our helpdesk: [email protected].

Linux Professional Institute Approved Academic Partner (LPI AAP)

Approved Academic Partner (LPI AAP)

A LPI Approved Academic is a School, College or University that has elected to offer LPI Certifications to enrolled students. This can be embedding the learning objectives of the Certification into the curriculum. This way the learner obtains both an Academic Qualification and an industry recognised Certification. Some Academic Partners offer the LPI Certification as a stand alone short course, which would be typically be spread over several weeks with the LPI exam on the final week.

Linux Professional Institute Approved Training Partner (LPI ATP)

Approved Training Partner (LPI ATP)

A LPI Approved Training Partner typically offers LPI Certification training over a short period of time, for example LPI 101 in one week. Some Approved Training Partners either use distance learning, or a combination of distance and face to face learning to complete the learning objectives. In the UK we have also started to see large Users of Linux become LPI Approved Training Partners so that they can offer internal training and certification plus offering community out-reach programs to complement their recruitment.