16th October 2015

LPI Certifications

LPI Certifications are offered on a tiered basis becoming more challenging and requiring a greater depth of knowledge and experience as you progress through the tiers.

  • Linux Essentials Professional Development Certificate
  • LPIC 1: Linux Server Professional Certification
  • LPIC 2: Linux Network Professional Certification
  • LPIC 3: Linux Enterprise Professional Certification

Linux Essentials is offered as an optional Certificate that is not necessary to complete before entering the LPIC program. However for those new to Linux or with limited Linux experience it offers a good foundation before attempting LPIC 1.

You can complete the Certifications in any order you wish, however you won’t become LPIC 2 Certified until you complete the LPIC 1 Certification (for example).

Further details on the objectives of all the LPI Certifications can be found at: wiki.lpi.org.

Further information on how to take a LPI Exam in the UK and Ireland can be found on the LPI Exam page.

LPI Certifications By The Numbers