10th March 2016

University of Greenwich

University of Greenwich has been working with LPI since 2013.  The university’s Computing and Information Systems Department agreed that offering professional IT Certification and examinations alongside its academic programmes was important.  Not only did it complement and add value to the university’s existing study programmes, but increased all-important student employability after graduation too.

Recognising urgent employer need for IT staff with Linux skills, University of Greenwich chose LPI as its Certification provider.  It has been providing short courses to undergraduate students, alumni and wider learners ever since. LPI’s vendor neutral stance means there is an emphasis on understanding and skills.

Principal Lecturer and CPD/short course manager, Gill Windall, says the benefits of LPI certification to learners are clear – it provides detailed subject knowledge, evidence of employability, and confidence in the knowledge that their skills are universally recognised by industry, both in the UK and internationally.

She continues: “When a University of Greenwich candidate presents a CV that shows LPI Certification alongside or following their Honours degree, employers see they have achieved an externally validated qualification and taken positive action to improve their employability.”

It was important to Greenwich that LPI Certification is Open source.  The university takes a very positive approach to Open source technology which it uses within its academic programmes because it is cheap and easy for students to access.

Gill Windall: “We chose LPI over other Certification providers because they were helpful, responsive, attractively priced and genuinely interested in our IT programmes.  We’d definitely recommend them to other universities.”