27th October 2017

Whose fault is the IT skills gap

In this white paper, Future Cert sets out to question “whose fault is the IT skills gap?”

If you work in the IT sector or education – or simply read a newspaper – there’s no need to tell you that a chronic shortage of qualified IT professionals continues to impede economic growth in the UK. Yet, despite agreeing that there is a problem, authorities across industry, the education sector and the Government, fail to agree on whether this is as the result of misdirected training provision, a lack of under-standing as to the role of professional certification, a lack of industry recognition as to the value of skills or Government lip-service in terms of drawing the parties together.

Drawing on first hand research from educators, employers and IT professionals, as well as dialogues across Government, we examine:

  • The realities of skills shortages for employers;
  • The demand for better training for and by IT professionals;
  • The role of evolving training and qualification methods;
  • The value put on certification, set against, training;
  • The approach taken, and promises made, by acting Government and opposition parties;
  • What we see on the horizon, concerning Brexit.

Although there is a similar and recognised crisis in terms of an IT gender gap, for the purposes of this re-port we have focused exclusively on skills. Future Cert is a staunch supporter of measures to close the IT gender gap.