LPI Launch LPI Certified OpenTechnology DevOps Engineer

“WANTED: developers who understand infrastructure. Automation-focused infrastructure engineers and operations staff. Experienced and non-functional testers. High-end technical delivery managers and architects with a solid background in IT development and operations. If you saw these job adverts, how confident would you feel that you could fit the bill? In fact, would you know anyone who could? These skills are scarce because IT workers typically have a career legacy spanning either development or operations, not both.” Nigel Wilson, TechRadar.

This is why LPI is launching a community-based consultation process to develop a new exam and certification for DevOps, which you can partake in. Find out more about our new certification and how to participate in the DevOps Exam Development: http://www.lpi.org/devopsDesigned to reflect the growing importance of DevOps collaboration models and tools in both system administration and software development, the planned certification will require candidates to pass an exam to be awarded LPI Certified OpenTechnology DevOps Engineer. The first exams will take place in Autumn 2017.

“DevOps, at its core, is a collaboration model supported by a specific set of tools.We have been observing this tool chain maturing over the last few years and it’s the right time to talk to LPI’s open source community about how we can provide proof of proficiency in handling these tools and implementing DevOps solutions”, states Fabian Thorns, LPI’s Director of Certification Development.

Executive Director of LPI, G. Matthew Rice, adds:“As more and more companies introduce DevOps methodologies to their workflows, skills in the use of tools supporting DevOps become increasingly important and are having a major impact on the work of all our candidates. It also makes a lot of LPI’s primary topics relevant for new audiences, such as developers.The first step of our community-based exam development process is the survey of people working in the industry. This survey will be critical in identifying the skills that are required to support the collaboration of IT administrators and software developers”. The consultation – known as a Job Task Analysis (JTA) – involves an online survey to open source professionals worldwide and consultation with LPI’s Exam Development volunteer community. As the exam development process continues there will be ongoing dialogue via the exam development mailing list as well as regular blog posts on the LPI site. “We invite everyone involved in DevOps and members of our Exam Development community to participate in this Job Task Analysis. Every single vote is an important contribution to create a certification that reflects and endorses the skills that matter in the workplace”, says Mr.Thorns.

Find out more about our new certification and how to participate in the DevOps Exam Development: http://www.lpi.org/devops