Future Cert & CompTIA partner on research into Linux skills requirements in the UK

We don’t need to tell you that there is a widespread shortage of candidates with high level IT knowledge and skills.  Barely a month goes by without a new survey stating that employers are struggling to recruit IT candidates with high level knowledge and skills, which in turn, is stunting opportunities to grow.  There is a clear gap between what UK businesses and organisations need in order to grow, and the technical skills that today’s candidates are offering.  IT Certification has an important part to play in that solution.  Certification provides employers with the tangible proof of technical expertise and demonstrable application of skill that they want and need.

We take a view that the best kind of IT training combines academic rigour, commercial application and Open Source technologies.  Why Open Source?  Well a large proportion of the world’s technology uses Linux operating systems, so having a skilled workforce that can service it is vital.

At Future Cert, we work closely with forward-thinking education establishments and training providers where learner employability is a strategic priority.  At Further Education colleges like Belfast Metropolitan College and college consortium S3C in Scotland, or Higher Education Institutions like Birmingham City University and the University of Greenwich, IT Certification is embedded in their apprenticeship and degree programmes.  This, we believe, is the future of IT training.

Today, we and our friends at CompTIA are launching a research project that will help us develop and deliver the very best training and Certification programmes – that deliver tangible benefits to learners and employers alike.  We’re asking employers for their views on IT training and Certification, and if you’re a member of the Linux learner community, we hope you’ll be part of our project too – by sharing your views with us in a short survey here.

We’re keen to understand what impact IT training and Certification have had on your employability.  Your views are hugely important to us and we appreciate your time.  We’ll be releasing the findings of our research in a short white paper which will be available on the Future Cert and CompTIA websites in April.

Thanks for taking part – we value your input.

Please complete our short survey by clicking here