Inspiring the next generation of Linux trainees: Part 3

As a Cloud Solution Architect at tech company Ericsson, Charles Benon, age 30, gets to travel around the world and work with emerging technologies. He talked to us about his career and why training in Linux was an essential part of his career development.


What LPI Certification have you taken and why did you decide to take LPI exams?

LPIC 1. I wanted to certify my Linux skills but without being tied to a specific vendor.

What encouraged you into a career in IT?

It was more or less luck. I was studying electrical engineering but I didn’t like it. One of the ways to get out of it easily was to go for computer sciences.

What does your job entail? And what do you use Linux for within your role?

My job is about working on internal (within Ericsson for other business units or teams) or external projects (for customers) all around the world and provide expertise around the Cloud (more or less technical depending which person I’m interacting with and around many fields: Windows and Linux systems, security, virtualization, network, storage etc

What is the most interesting part of your job?

Working on new and emerging technologies and traveling around the world are the best parts of my job.

What has Linux Certification done for your learning and career development?

Given me credibility, but I would like to go up to LPIC 3.

Why should young people consider a career in the tech industry?

First, it should give them a job easier than many other sectors, which is already a good way to start a career. After that, it is also much easier to change field with self-learning and opportunities given by companies to gain experience.

Have you gone on to take any other IT qualifications and if so what?

Yes, few of them (Cisco CCNP/CCDP, VMware VCP/VCAP, Mirantis MCA200, Ericsson Cloud)