LPIC 2 new objectives available on Pearson VUE

LPI (Linux Professional Institute) made available version 4.5 of the LPIC 2 objectives for exam taking at Pearson VUE. The new exam codes will be LPI 201-450 and LPI 202-450. The exam with the v4.0 objectives (202-400) will remain available until August 2017. You may write any version of the exams and they will count toward your LPIC-2 equally. For further details on the new objectives visit the LPI Wiki.

I have taken LPI 201 or LPI 202 do I need to retake this exam to Certify at version 4.5

The most common question we get asked is usually I have completed LPI 201 version 4, do I need to re-do LPI 201 at version 4.5 to complete LPIC 2 Certification. Your LPI 201 is valid for 5 years from the date you took the exam, after 5 years it moves to inactive. During the 5 year period you can mix version numbers of the 201 and 202 exams. So, yes you can complete your LPIC 2 with LPI 201 Version 4 and LPI 202 Version 4.5.

Where can I find training resources?

We would always recommend working with a Training Partner as the best way to learn, but you can purchase training materials at the LPI Marketplace. Or view free materials at the LPI Wiki – note free materials are not always up to date so check against the objectives.