Open Source Qualification with Government funding: Download our funding guide

As you know, there is a massive skills shortage in Linux and Open Source qualified people in the UK, with a marketplace crying out for new recruits and yet still too few taking the relevant qualifications.

Is this because students don’t want to take the qualifications, don’t know about them, or the qualifications are simply not available for them to take?

Well, it’s probably all three, but today we’re dealing with the issue of Linux qualifications needing to be more widely available.

One thing that may interest you is that Government funding is available for a Linux-based qualification from the TLM (The Learning Machine) called TLM Level 2 Certificate In Open Systems IT Management. This was created in conjunction with the LPI and is based on LPI Essentials.

The qualification could lead to employment in IT infrastructural support for computers and/or networks running open source operating software for the student. For example a small business that runs Linux servers, firewalls or desktop computers.

To get the simple guide to what this qualification is about, how to access the funding and offer the course click the link below:

Funding Guide for Open Source Computing Course