We’ve joined the Open Source Consortium

Future Cert, representing the LPI in the UK & Ireland, is delighted to announce it’s membership of the Open Source Consortium.

Established in 2004, the Open Source Consortium (OSC) is the UK Open Source industry association representing the open source business community across the UK.  Clear as mud?

In plain English, OSC is an industry association.  It collects together organisations working in the UK open source world and works to give them greater influence than they could achieve alone by providing a collective voice, and by supporting initiatives such as the implementation of open standards in public sector IT, the inclusion of open standards in school curricula supporting of the levelling of the gender balance in the industry.  Very much like LPI and Future Cert, the OSC wants to see an environment created where open source software is readily adopted.  That means continuing to bang the open source drum in communications with industry and at events.  The OSC also works hard to lobby Government for change when it sees policies that disadvantage member SMEs versus larger, non-open source software vendors in commercial situations.  Let’s hear it for the OSC!

We’re looking forward to being an active, vocal part of the OSC as well as working with its many members in encouraging the UK marketplace to ‘go open source’.