Jobs using Linux – what can you expect to do with LPI Certification?

You might think Linux is a niche area to train in, quite a specialism perhaps, but actually you’d be wrong. It’s like studying English at university, it can open many doors for a whole range of jobs and in many (or even most) sectors, but in our opinion gives you much better prospects than a common English degree!

That’s because Linux is an Open Source operating system that is used by so many different firms and organisations for so many uses around the world (why not check out our list of 25 amazing uses for Linux), from supercomputers, to Cloud computing to Smartphones.

With Linux being adopted at such an incredible rate, there is a serious shortage of Linux trained people to fill those roles. So your chances of landing a great job – and progressing – are much higher than in other careers.

Having taken a look over some tech job boards, there’s one thing we notice about Linux job adverts, and that is how much they are selling themselves to attract applicants. Some adverts we noticed started, not with a job spec, but phrases such as ‘Free kettle bells, pyramid, spinning classes and circuit training’ and ‘We’re serious about developing our staff, with real training and career development…’ or ‘Healthcare, Pension, Childcare Voucher Scheme, Training and Certification, Conference Attendance and more….’ They couldn’t scream, ‘we want you to apply’ any louder!

If all this isn’t enough to convince you that LPI Certification in any level is worthwhile then here are a few real examples of some great roles that have been on job boards over the last month that stipulate Linux training and qualifications. Just goes to show what a wide range of roles there are available, for varying levels of qualification and salary brackets.


DevOps Engineer for a government organisation

A public sector job in an IT career is desirable, and many government departments use Open Source. This one is about ensuring government global communications systems are reliable and secure. Pay of around £35K and excellent public sector benefits.


IT Trainer for a UK training company

Of course in any industry you’ll need the people to train those starting off or progressing in their careers. If you’ve reached a high level of training and expertise in Linux you can work on a daily rate of £180 upwards for this firm, flexibly as a trainer or instructor. A very rewarding job.


Big data consultant – for a major tech consultancy

High level experience in Linux, amongst other operating systems and coding is expected, but salary is anywhere between £45 – £85K per year for this kind of position. The job advert says the applicant would be expected to “deliver analytically-informed, issue-based solutions that help clients make faster, smarter decisions. You’ll play a critical role in helping them tackle complex business issues.”


Graduate or junior embedded software engineer with public sector body

From one end of the scale to another, this job advert is proof there are great jobs out there for young Linux trained individuals with good starting salaries. This one is looking for applicants with a basic knowledge of Linux they are willing to train and develop their staff. With a starting salary of up to £30K that’s not a bad first step on the career ladder.


Entry Level Sys Engineer

And here’s another great step on the ladder for beginners and graduates. A company in Ireland that drives the IM and texting channels for most major UK & Ireland bookmakers is looking for entry level Sys Engineers. If you have ever sent a bet via instant message or text message you would have used the platform. This role is a helpdesk engineer with keen interest in Linux and the starting wage is between € 20 to 30,000.


Linux Developer – security encryption firm

This advert says: “Market leading software house is seeking a skilled Linux Developer to work across the full stack developing components of Linux-based operating system. This technology-led company produces a suite of encryption and security products for finance, government, defence, law enforcement and pharmaceutical companies and you will play a key role in delivering a high-quality solution.” Plenty to get your teeth into and salary of £40K upwards.