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Jobs using Linux – what can you expect to do with LPI Certification?

You might think Linux is a niche area to train in, quite a specialism perhaps, but actually you’d be wrong. It’s like studying English at university, it can open many doors for a whole range of jobs and in many (or even most) sectors, but in our opinion gives you much better prospects than a[…]

5 Reasons to Get Certified with LPI

As the Open Source job market continues to cry out for qualified professionals and the technology industry is suffering from a shortage of digital skills, it’s becoming more important than ever to get Certified. There are many reasons why you should get Certified, we’ve put together five important reasons why getting certified with LPI is[…]

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Certification tests the hand on demands of industry

A key thing that sets us apart from other certification bodies is our commitment to testing our certificates against the needs of industry.  An LPI qualification is grounded in demonstrating the practical skills that are entirely relevant to the ways in which businesses are using Linux, day to day. We have a number of ways[…]

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maddog goes to Microsoft to promote Free and Open Source software

On 24th March we were north of the border at the IT Providers Consortium Scotland (ITPCS).  ITPCS is a group of colleges that are working together to share knowledge and best practice to improve the IT learners’ experiences and outcomes. Open to non-consortium members this event, “Future Trends: The Evolution of Security, Mobility, Data Science and[…]

How do we know certification works?

The best thing about working with Future Cert and LPI is that you become part of the global LPI community.  In fact, LPI says, on their community page: “We are continually inspired by the creativity and passion our community of Linux and IT professionals contribute to the world of Linux and Open Source. We encourage[…]

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Average salary of LPI LPIC 1 Certification

A regular question asked is what is the average salary of LPI LPIC 1 Certification? According to PayScale in October 2015, the average salary for someone who has passed the LPIC 1 Certification is in the region of £ 27,229 to £ 40,000. PayScale also breaks down some other interesting stats, for example 59% of people have[…]