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Our vision for Linux training over the next 25 years

During October we have celebrated the 25th anniversary of the first Linux Kernel release, and to coincide with this, we are releasing our mission statement for the next 25 years. This anniversary year is a great time to reflect both on the huge growth and success of Linux, as well as the challenges ahead and[…]

Linux: 101… our basic introduction to Linux

We’ve taken this opportunity during National Coding Week, which is bringing IT skills into the wider consciousness, to do a quick and simple, beginners guide to Linux and what it’s used for. We should start off by saying, training in Linux is not learning code. Linux is an Open Source operating system (as we will[…]

National Coding Week: beginners guide to coding on the Raspberry Pi

Now we all know that Linux is an OS operating system, and therefore we don’t strictly fall into the category of coding. However, with a massive skills shortage in the tech sector it’s in all our interests to get behind National Coding Week, an event aimed at encouraging adults to get into coding. “Our aim[…]

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Jobs using Linux – what can you expect to do with LPI Certification?

You might think Linux is a niche area to train in, quite a specialism perhaps, but actually you’d be wrong. It’s like studying English at university, it can open many doors for a whole range of jobs and in many (or even most) sectors, but in our opinion gives you much better prospects than a[…]

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25 Fun and Fast Facts about Linux (plus 5 reasons to get Certified)

As you know, all through August we have been celebrating the 25th anniversary of Linux. We’ve been talking about the best uses for Linux around the world over the last 25 years, and asking you your thoughts – we’ve even been running our competition to adopt Polly the Penguin! To round off the celebrations, we’ve[…]

5 Reasons to Get Certified with LPI

As the Open Source job market continues to cry out for qualified professionals and the technology industry is suffering from a shortage of digital skills, it’s becoming more important than ever to get Certified. There are many reasons why you should get Certified, we’ve put together five important reasons why getting certified with LPI is[…]

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Certification tests the hand on demands of industry

A key thing that sets us apart from other certification bodies is our commitment to testing our certificates against the needs of industry.  An LPI qualification is grounded in demonstrating the practical skills that are entirely relevant to the ways in which businesses are using Linux, day to day. We have a number of ways[…]

How do we know certification works?

The best thing about working with Future Cert and LPI is that you become part of the global LPI community.  In fact, LPI says, on their community page: “We are continually inspired by the creativity and passion our community of Linux and IT professionals contribute to the world of Linux and Open Source. We encourage[…]

LPI (Linux Professional Institute) Linux Essentials Professional Development Certificate

Linux Essentials – Level 2 Qualification attracts DfE 16 – 19 Performance Points

The Learning Machine (TLM)working in Partnership with The Linux professional Institute have taken the Linux Essentials objectives and turned them into a level 2 qualification structured in a language that schools and colleges can use. TLM are the awarding organisation for this course, provide training to the assessors on the certification and moderation systems and schools[…]